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Top 50 United States Newspapers

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  1. The New York Times (New York)
  2. Daily News (New York, New York)
  3. Washington Post (Washington DC)
  4. New York Post (New York)
  5. Los Angeles Times (California, Los Angeles)
  6. USA Today (National, Arlington, Virginia)
  7. Chicago Tribune (Illinois)
  8. Boston Herald (Massachusetts)
  9. Wall Street Journal (New York, New York)
  10. The Washington Times (Washington DC)
  11. Arizona Republic (Arizona, Phoenix)
  12. The Boston Globe (Massachusetts)
  13. Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Georgia)
  14. The Dallas Morning News (Texas, Dallas)
  15. The Miami Herald (Florida)
  16. Anchorage Daily News (Alaska, Anchorage)
  17. Chicago Sun-Times (Illinois, Cook)
  18. Houston Chronicle (Texas, Houston)
  19. The Seattle Times (Washington)
  20. Charleston News (South Carolina, Charleston)
  21. St Louis Post-Dispatch (Missouri, Saint Louis)
  22. Detroit News (Michigan)
  23. Philadelphia Inquirer (Pennsylvania)
  24. Arizona Daily Star (Arizona, Tucson)
  25. Detroit Free Press (Michigan)
  1. Baltimore Sun (Maryland, Baltimore)
  2. The Advocate (Louisiana, Baton Rouge)
  3. Sierrawatch (Wisconsin)
  4. Hawaii News (Hawaii, Honolulu)
  5. Greenwich News (Connecticut, Greenwich)
  6. The Plain Dealer (Ohio, Cleveland)
  7. Charleston Gazette (West Virginia, Charleston)
  8. Charlotte Observer Online (North Carolina, Charlotte)
  9. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (Wisconsin, Milwaukee)
  10. Albuquerque Journal (New Mexico, Albuquerque)
  11. Denver Post (Colorado)
  12. Las Vegas Review-Journal / Sun (Nevada, Las Vegas)
  13. Las Vegas Sun (Nevada)
  14. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pennsylvania)
  15. Colleton County News (South Carolina, Smoaks)
  16. Sussex County News (Delaware, Georgetown)
  17. Ahora News (New Jersey)
  18. Bessemer News (Alabama, Bessemer)
  19. Alaska Dispatch (Alaska)
  20. Kansas City Star (Missouri, Kansas City)
  21. The Forum (North Dakota, Fargo)
  22. Charleston County News (South Carolina, Charleston)
  23. The Times-Picayune (Louisiana, New Orleans)
  24. Sylacauga News (Alabama, Sylacauga)
  25. Atlanta News (Georgia)

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