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    Problems with accessing the newspapers in the Onlinenewspapers database?

    You have arrived at this page because we have identified that you are having, or will have, a problem with accessing the links to the newspapers links on the Onlinenewspaper site. If you wish to continue to access the links please read the following to understand what is happening:

    1. The Fix
    2. The Cause
    3. The Result


    To ensure you can access the individual newspapers we ask that you click on the following which will download a cookie onto your computer. This cookie will serve no other purpose than to recognise you as a user of the Onlinenewspapers website and will allow you to access individual newspapers.

    Click to set cookie

    For the cookie to work however you will need to have cookies enabled on your computer's browser.


    Onlinenewspapers have implemented some changes to protect our valuable data that has been collected over many years. The changes prevent:

    • Organisations copying our links and presenting them on their Websites as their own without giving due acknowledgement to Onlinenewspapers.
    • Search engine spiders accessing our links and including them in their search engine results.

    When this happens these organisations gain all the value of having highly sought-after information on their websites without doing any of the hard work undertaken by the Onlinenewspapers team in updating and maintaining the accuracy and relevance of the information. It also means surfers bypass Onlinenewspapers completely.


    The result means surfers who click on an Onlinenewspaper link found on a third party site will be re-directed to the homepage of Onlinenewspapers and NOT the newspaper site. Then it's a simple matter for that surfer to follow the directory on the Onlinenewspaper site to connect to the newspaper. This will work in the majority of cases.

    We have found, however, that in a very small number of cases clicking to connect to the individual newspaper re-directs the Surfer to the homepage of Onlinenewspapers. We believe the cause may relate to:

    • the type of browser being used by the Surfer, and/or
    • the configeration of the Surfer's browser, and/or
    • the configuration of the hosting service of the Surfer, and/or
    • firewall issues at the hosting service or on the Surfer's computer.
    You seem to have experienced this problem and that's why you are here.

    We want you to continue to use our services but, as we hope you will appreciate, we want to protect our information, so we hope the implementation of this Fix will not cause you any undue inconvenience.

    Thank you.

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