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  1. Revista Partners (Romania) [Magazine]
  2. Fil-Am Voice (United States) [Newspaper]
  3. Crime Russia (Russia) [Magazine]
  4. Olann and (Ireland) [Magazine]
  5. Business Lancashire (England) [Magazine]
  6. Sachcha Dost (India) [Newspaper]
  7. (Bangladesh) [Newspaper]
  8. One Collective Club (Singapore) [Magazine]
  9. Bangladesh Online24 (Dhaka) [In Bangla]
  10. (United States) [Newspaper]
  11. ABC Nyheter (Norway) [Newspaper]
  12. Bijoynagar News (Bangladesh) [Newspaper]
  13. Lanka BBC (Sri Lanka) [Newspaper]
  14. Tennessee Watchman (United States) [Newspaper]
  15. Dodging The Rain (Ireland) [Magazine]
  16. Prague Morning (Czech Republic) [Newspaper]
  17. India Mantra (India) [Magazine]
  18. The Reporter (Taiwan) [Newspaper]
  19. Ethnicities Magazine (Panama) [Magazine]
  20. Wycombe Today (England) [Newspaper]
  21. Africafrique (South Africa) [Magazine]
  22. Passion Times (Hong Kong) [Newspaper]
  23. Local Press (Hong Kong) [Newspaper]
  24. Kivumedia (DR Congo) [Magazine]
  25. ONELUCIAN News (Saint Lucia) [Newspaper]
  1. (Canada) [Newspaper]
  2. Daily On Record (Pakistan) [Newspaper]
  3. JerusalemOnline (Israel) [Newspaper]
  4. 247 Zimbabwe News (Zimbabwe) [Newspaper]
  5. Man Spricht Deutsch CZ (Czech Republic) [Newspaper]
  6. Prague.TV (Czech Republic) [Magazine]
  7. Sixth Tone (China) [Newspaper]
  8. Protocol (Israel) [Magazine]
  9. Gulfootball Online Football Magazine (Gulf States) [Magazine]
  10. The Monthly View (United States) [Newspaper]
  11. (Argentina) [Magazine]
  12. No Majesty (United Kingdom) [Newspaper]
  13. Jankaal Sandesh (India) [Newspaper]
  14. Lusotimes (United Kingdom) [Newspaper]
  15. Daily Europe International (Germany) [Newspaper]
  16. Bangla Barta (Bangladesh) [Newspaper]
  17. Nelson County Gazette (United States) [Newspaper]
  18. Spanish News (Spain) [Newspaper]
  19. Gloria Magazine (United States) [Magazine]
  20. The Determinist News (England) [Newspaper]
  21. Sisakalam (Nepal) [Magazine]
  22. Delta Wind (United States) [Newspaper]
  23. Marinellas Wallpaper Journal (Germany & South Africa) [Magazine]
  24. Loudoun Tribune (United States) [Newspaper]
  25. Lofot-Tidende (Norway) [Newspaper]

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