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  1. OverMag (United States) [Magazine]
  2. MENA Herald (United Arab Emirates) [Newspaper]
  3. Live Magazine (Italy) [Magazine]
  4. Rochak India (India) [Newspaper]
  5. The Cartagena Herald (Colombia) [Newspaper]
  6. 90 Minutes Goal (Nigeria) [Newspaper]
  7. The Mindful Word (Canada) [Magazine]
  8. Hospitality Daily (United Kingdom) [Magazine]
  9. Amadar (Bangladesh) [Newspaper]
  10. (Indonesia) [Magazine]
  11. ExpressNews7 (Uttar Pradesh) [Newspaper]
  12. Traveler's Digest (United States) [Magazine]
  13. Lioness Magazine (United States) [Magazine]
  14. Youth Correspondent (Pakistan) [Magazine]
  15. Folkerie (Philippines) [Magazine]
  16. Advanced Battery Technology (ABT) (United States) [Magazine]
  17. Electromagnetic News Report (ENR) (United States) [Magazine]
  18. Bellesprit Magazine (United States) [Magazine]
  19. Mika Magazine (Bulgaria) [Magazine]
  20. CFO Studio Magazine (United States) [Magazine]
  21. Global Banking & Finance (United Kingdom) [Magazine]
  22. RNews1 (India) [Newspaper]
  23. 5election (Italy) [Magazine]
  24. In2town Travel (England) [Magazine]
  25. Paste (United States) [Magazine]
  26. Art Monaco Magazine (Monaco) [Magazine]
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